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Mike Mullins Pro Audio service is second to none. The soundscape is more balanced, the levels right, the clarity better when Mike is managing sound on an engagement. Many professional bands and organizations trust Pro Audio to make it right.

Mike has recorded albums with Dutch Mason, The Novelty Salesman, Urban Renewal, Frank MacKay, The Funk'en Flames, Salsa Picante, Los Gringos, Kim Kaskiw, Josette Noreau, and a gold album with band One To One (Les Howe/1987).

Below are client testimonials.
"I have worked with Mike in both live and studio settings with my quartet and his positive attitude, solid technical knowledge and big ears combine to give the musicians a memorable and pleasurable experience. This guy is simply one of the best."
Robert Fontaine CBC Radio One, Ottawa

"Mike Mullin would rank among the top sound technicians in this city. I've had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions over many years. His knowledge of stage sound management and the quality of his equipment are among the best this city has to offer. This coupled with his talented musical background makes him our "go to guy"."
Peter Beaudoin Musical Director/musician

"I have worked with Michael Mullin since October 2005. Since then Mike has always been my first choice for providing high quality sound in any venue where I have booked bands or where my own bands have been called to perform. The circumstances have varied from large hotel party rooms to small venues; the bands have varied from solo artists to a full big band. In all of these circumstances I have found the product of Mike's work to be excellent; this as also been regularly confirmed by audiences and by musicians involved in the afore-mentioned projects. In addition to his excellent technical skills, Mike is dependable, organized and punctual. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone who needs the services of a great sound engineer; in fact, that's what I've been doing for the past 6 years."
Jean-Pierre Moisan, Les Productions Caravane

"Mike Mullin is a first rate sound engineer and consummate professional. His knowledge, skills and experience are a benefit to all involved; whether a performer or audience member. You can expect the highest quality work, the right gear, diligent attention to detail and a calm demeanor. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone who wants their concert or recording project to sound its best."
Nicholas Dyson, Freelance Trumpet professional and Band leader

"As a live sound tech, Mike is second to none. He's well organized, super efficient and a pleasure to work with - and most importantly, he always makes our band sound great. Mike has tremendous musical depth, great ears and the right gear - which makes for a successful and worry-free show every time."
Duncan Baird Bassist and Bandleader

"Mike has been doing the sound for my band for some years now. I've always been impressed by the high quality of his services. Sound is, of course, one of the important keys to success for any performance; with Mike at the board, you can rest assured that that element is always well covered."
Bernard Cloutier Saxophonist and band leader

"Our professional show band has worked closely with Mike for the past year. With a very full schedule of shows, Mike's service has been extremely professional and unproblematic. Mike has provided excellent equipment, timely preparation, and exemplary customer relations. Throughout our performances, Mike has been a first-rate sound engineer and I would gladly recommend his services."
Donnie Leafloor, The Captain Fantastic Band

"Want excellence hire Mike Mullin! "
Gary Morton, Musical Director and Band Leader

"Thanks to Mike Mullin, musician and technician extraordinaire, sound-micro-surgeon that can remove even the tiniest imperfection and keep the whole thing seamless. Thank you Mike for bringing in the most talented musicians in the area, for your patience, your extreme kindness, your incredible skills and musicianship. We could not have made it without you!"
Josette Noreau Singer and Songwriter

"My first full length professionally recorded and mastered C.D. was expertly engineered by Mike Mullin. Mike took the time to be extremely detailed and precise in all aspects of the recording process. He is also very relaxed, easy going and was a pleasure to work with."
Scott Poll Ottawa Clarinetist and bandleader

"I had my jazz CD Shades of Love produced and recorded in Mike Mullins recording studio. I received expert advice and top industry standard recording quality at every step of the project. I recently had Mike Mullin remaster my CD and once again his work was superlative. My CD has received critical acclaim and receives regular air play on CBC radio Canada as a direct result of the recording quality and musicianship presented on this CD. I would recommend Mike Mullin for any recording project with much enthusiasm and without hesitation."
Kim Kaskiw Singer and Songwriter